Next generation air filtration
for 3D printers.

Equip your 3D printer with first air filtration system that neutralise dangerous partciles and compounds.
Make your 3D printing experience safe. Easily.
When printing with thermoplastic materials 3D printers emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) and ultrafine particles. These contaminants are often carcinogens and respiratory irritants.
SYNE degrades these chemicals making the whole process safe.

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Why you should care?
VOC concentration during 3D printing with and without SYNE.
Photocatalytic chamber.
That's where all hazardous chemicals are degradated during photocatalytic reaction when UV light of specific length makes photocatalytic material reactive.
The air is pre-purified by particle filter.
How SYNE works? Let's look inside.
Click on orange dots to find out how SYNE gets rid of hazardous pollutants.
The air is sucked up by two silent fans.
How your 3d printing can become more safe?
Zortrax M200
Zortrax M200 Plus
Ultimaker 2
Ultimaker 2+
Ultimaker 2 Extended
new models available soon!
The SYNE filtration technology can be adopted as integrated part of dedicated cover that perfectly match your 3D printer.
You don't need or want a cover?
It's no problem.

SYNE filtration module can be installed directly inside your 3dprinter's chamber
But what in fact is the SYNE filtration module?
Don't hesitate to ask questions about our innovative solution for 3d printing safety.
We will be always happy and proud to answer them all.
Asking questions is always a good thing.
Checking twice is also great.
Our advantages
Our team is a perfect mix of engineers with strong background in 3D printing and experienced chemists.
We run an advanced chemical laboratory that allows us to thoroughly investigate and respond to threats related to 3D printing.
We are open to cooperation with all companies from 3D printing industry on making it more safe for end users.
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SYNE air filtration technology
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